Survey: Common and best practices in MOOC design

Survey plaatje


What are your experiences with Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)?

Have you participated in one or several MOOCs? Have you been a teacher/tutor/assistant in a MOOC and/or did you ever (co-)design an MOOC?

Do you think that the educational design of MOOCs could be improved?


Then share your knowledge and experience with us by participating in this research. This research is part of a study in the SOONER PhD project ‘Scaling support, feedback and interaction in open online education’, conducted by Julia Kasch (PhD student), Marco Kalz, (promotor) and Peter van Rosmalen (daily supervisor). Within this first study we want to get insight into (educational) design choices in MOOCs that are made in practice. We are interested whether and how educational design aspects, that are seen as relevant in the literature, regarding: (1) constructive alignment, (2) task complexity, (3) interaction and formative assessment and feedback, are applied in MOOC design/practice.

By participating in this study you do not only support this particular PhD project but also contribute to research about MOOC design in general. Participation in this study will take about 1 hour  in which you have to fill in a survey which consists of several multiple choice and open questions. Since we are interested in your opinion as an expert, there are no ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ answers.

The survey will be available until July 31st.  If you are interested to share your experience and participate in this study, please read the procedure document first and then fill in the questionnaire :

To get an impression of the survey (content + structure) use this link: Background and Survey preview


If you have questions about the survey and/or our research please contact us via:

With kind regards (also on behalf of the SOONER team),

Julia Kasch

CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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