SURF tender Open and Online Education

The results of the SURF tender Open and Online Education funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education have been published. Twelve projects have been awarded.

The projects cover the following challenging set of topics:
• Beta didactics (Hogeschool Utrecht, Universiteit Utrecht);
• Training in business model innovation for SMEs in the EU (Technische Universiteit Delft);
• Writing in Higher Education (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Hogeschool van Amsterdam);
• Ethical Dilemmas in Communication (Universiteit van Amsterdam);
• Focused formative tests to enhance education (Universiteit van Amsterdam);
• Scientific Programming Skills for everyone (Universiteit van Amsterdam);
• WE-Mediate: an online course developed to enhance 21st century skills through mediation (Universiteit Maastricht)
• Flipping research methods education (Universiteit Twente);
• Sketch-lab, a digital platform to learn to sketch for engineers (Universiteit Twente);
• Bridging the gap – doctors with knowledge of their business ( quality, safety and leadership in health care) (Universiteit Utrecht);
• Out! Open and online education on site (Universiteit Utrecht);
• Practicum clips life sciences (Wageningen Universiteit).

The background of the call and the details of the 12 awarded projects can be found at the SURF website  (Note: only partly in English).

CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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