SOONER activities and events: Spring 2019

SOONER activities and events: Spring 2019

Interested in our research, and would you like to know at which scientific events we will be present the upcoming weeks? Find us at the following conferences and events in spring 2019:

Welten Institute E-assessment conference – May 17th 2019, Heerlen

Peer feedback for 5000 students. How do you do it? (speaker: Julia Kasch)

During this session the ways in which teachers in MOOCs deal with the supervision and support of large student numbers will be discussed. This will include zooming in on peer feedback and automated feedback. Based on the literature and a design analysis tool, a number of design examples will be discussed and participants will be invited for a discussion about scalable design choices in (open) online education.

Are you joining the e-assessment conference 2019? Find Julia at session 2. Please be aware that most sessions will be in Dutch. For registration and the program, please look at the conference website.

eMOOCs – May 20th-22nd 2019, Naples

Goal Setting and Striving in MOOCs: A Peek inside the Black Box of Learner Behaviour (speaker: Prof. dr. Marco Kalz)

In this session during the eMOOCs 2019 in Naples, goal achievement process in MOOCs are discussed. The paper that will be presented will focus on two research questions: 1) what goals do learners set, and do they succeed in reaching these goals? and 2) how does the course of action of several learners look like?  For the second research question, Gollwitzer’s Rubikon model of action phases served as a guideline. The study background, set-up, methodology and results will be discussed in the session. The insights from this study can serve as starting point for developing supporting tools for learners and personalised dashboards, which can offer the tools at appropriate times in a learner’s course of action.

Are you joining the eMOOCs conference 2019? Feel free to join the session with Marco on Tuesday May 21st, 2019 11:30 – 13:00. The exact location and further information can be found at the conference website.




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