Midsummer SOONER activities: August & September

Midsummer SOONER activities: August & September

Summer is about relaxing, enjoying the sun, vacation, warm summer nights, eating ice cream… and for us also about presenting our research! Do you want to find out more about the scientific work happening in the SOONER project during this summer? Find us and talk to us at the following conferences and events in August and September 2019:

EARLI Conference – 12-16 August 2019, Aachen (Germany)

Get Inspiration for Scalable Design in Open Online Education (workshop)

(speaker: Julia Kasch)

During the 18th Biennial EARLI Conference state-of-the-art research in learning and instruction will be presented, specifically around the topic “Thinking Tomorrow’s Education: Learning from the past, in the present and for the future“. During the workshop organised by Julia Kasch participants will learn how the scalability of the educational design of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be analysed, using the design analysis instrument. This instrument is developed to get inspired by the current (best) practices of MOOC design. Participants will practice analysing the educational design of MOOCs focusing among other things on constructive alignment between learning goals and learning activities, scalable formative feedback and assessment and student interaction. Additionally, case examples of current scalable best practices in MOOC design will be presented. The workshop is interesting for everyone who wants to learn more about scalable design, experienced as well as inexperienced.

This workshop will take place on Friday the 16th of August from 15:30 -17.00 in Seminar Room – S15 (Session U 11) RWTH Aachen. For more information on this conference, please visit the official website.

An empirical study on factors influencing barriers to learning in Massive Open Online Courses (paper presentation)

(speaker: Maartje Henderikx)

Maartje Henderikx will present a paper during EARLI 2019. She will present her research on why many learners in MOOCs do not succeed in pursuing their personal learning goals. Reasons she will address are the barriers that many learners encounter, with a special focus on age, gender, educational level and previous online learning experience and their predictive power for the encounter of (specific) barriers.

This presentation will take place on Monday the 12th of August from 12.00-13.30 in Lecture Hall H11 (Session A 7) RWTH Aachen. For more information on this conference, please visit the official website.

EAIR forum – 26-28 August, Leiden (The Netherlands)

Educational innovation projects in Dutch higher education: Coping with organisational challenges (paper presentation)

(speaker: Martine Schophuizen)

The 41st EAIR Forum, hosted by Leiden University, addresses the responsibility of higher education systems in three main questions: What? Why? How? Participants in the forum are looking for answers on pressing questions, on experiences of universities, their members and their stakeholders, on lessons learned, discussions and exchange about the topic of responsibility of the Higher Education System. For the forum track “Responsibility for an Innovative Future”, Martine Schophuizen will present her paper on how project leaders of educational open online innovation projects are coping with organisational challenges. More specifically, she will explain how project leaders could cope with challenges cognitively by assessing the situations (primary appraisal) and by identifying actions that could have been taken (secondary appraisal), and in smaller extend were able to behaviourally cope with these challenges through actions (coping efforts).

This presentation will take place on Monday the 26th of August from 11.15-11.45 in Room B-016 Leiden University, Faculty of Law. For more information on this conference, please visit the official website.

ERC / ECER – 2-3 September, Hamburg (Germany)

Project focus and organisational challenges and opportunities of open online education (poster presentation)

(speaker: Martine Schophuizen)

The Emerging Researchers’ Conference (ERC) precedes the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER). This years theme is: ‘Education in an Era of Risk – the Role of Educational Research for the Future’. During the ERC, Martine Schophuizen will present her poster with the research question: To what extend do OER projects differ from OOE projects in the identification and prioritisation of organisational challenges and opportunities they encounter? Since there has been little empirical research on educators use of different “flavours” of openness for teaching in higher education this study explores the identification and prioritization of organizational challenges and opportunities of two subgroups of projects (i.e. OER focused or OOE focused) within various higher education institutions in The Netherlands. With an assessment and comparison of OER and OOE subgroups, new insights into relations between organisational implementation strategies and effects on quality and accessibility of education will be addressed.

The poster presentations during ERC will be held on Monday 2nd of September 2019. For more information on this conference and the specific date and time of this session, please visit the official forum website.

EC-TEL – 18 – 20 September, Delft (The Netherlands)

Enjoyed or Bored? A Study into Achievement Emotions and the Association with Barriers to Learning in MOOCs (paper presentation)

(speaker: Maartje Henderikx)

The European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning (EC-TEL) engages researchers, practitioners, educational developers, entrepreneurs and policy makers to address current challenges and advances in the field. This year’s theme is: “Transforming learning with meaningful technologies” and Maartje Henderikx will present her work on whether the emotional determinants affect the experience of (specific) barriers while learning in MOOCs. She specifically looked at enjoyment and boredom, which are known to impact learner achievement and motivation. This research gives insight into determinants that may influence the experience of (certain) barriers and findings of this study may serve as input for supporting learners in achieving their individual learning goals.

For more information on this conference and the specific date and time of this session, please visit the official forum website.

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