MOOCs: paradise for learning analytics

MOOCs, as the name suggests, attract massive numbers of participants that all engage in numerous activities, which usually are logged and available for review to the moderators of the course.…Read more

eMOOCs conference 2016

This years eMOOCs conference took place in Graz (Austria) and the SOONER team was highly represented. At the last conference day we gave a workshop about scalable feedback and assessment…Read more
The wOERld is not enough

The wOERld is not enough

The book "Open Education: A study in disruption” is one of the few accounts on open education that clearly outlines the paradoxes and contradictions which are currently determining the public and…Read more

Happy new year!

The year 2016 has started. It is the time for “happy New Year” and “best wishes for the New Year”. It is also the time when all those new year…Read more